About Us

Q3D started out in the 3D printing space in 2016 and has grown in a few different directions since inception. As of today, the main focus is 3D printing, design work, and now pen making!

In November of 2022 I made my first bolt action pen. After posting to Reddit and gaining some traction, I decided to pursue it a little further. I launched my first "production" pen, the TwisTi in early 2023 with a great success, and I'm now working on my third pen, the SwiftClick, which is a new mechanism design.

All my pens are designed in house by myself. They're made in small batches from parts and materials sourced all over the world, each one individually finished, assembled, and tested by me (and the occasional helper) before delivery. I do as much as the making I can, but without CNC equipment, sometimes I need to recruit some help. Hopefully I can continue to grow in this pen endeavor and bring all the making locally, if not in house entirely!

I'm mostly a one man show and love the interaction with customers, so feel free to reach out with any design ideas or custom work, I'd love to chat!