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Plain Jane - Bolt Action Pen

Plain Jane - Bolt Action Pen

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Meet The Plain Jane

The Plain Jane starts is a bulletproof all titanium bolt-action pen with a formed clip, available with a choice of tips to give you compatibility with your given refill family. 

If you so desire, you can then choose to spice it up with different body materials.

Additional tip styles and materials available in the accessories section here

You can also find the deepest carry bolt action clip on the market here.

Titanium Specs:

Diameter: 10mm

Length: Full size, 142mm, Parker, 129mm

Weight: Full Size, 1.1oz, Parker, 1oz



Full Size: Pilot G2, Energel, Uniball Signo, Sharpie (with trimming)

Parker: Any Standard Parker G2 size refill


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