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The Molecule

The Molecule

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Meet the Molecule

The Molecule is the latest drop in the Q3D bolt action line up. 

This meticulously crafted, 3d sculpted pen comes in several attractive variations right from the start:

  1. Tumbled Raw Titanium Finish: Experience the elegant satin feel of this finish.
  2. Anodized Fade: Opt for a fade effect that adds a touch of sophistication.
  3. Anodized Solid Color: a simple bold solid color

Whether you appreciate the raw beauty of titanium or prefer a colorful anodized look, the Molecule offers both options. Elevate your writing experience with this exceptional pen! 

The Molecule can be further customized by checking out the various finish upgrades and add-ons in the accessories section.

The default clip on this pen is a formed clip, so if you are looking for a machined clip, grab one here.


Refill Compatibility: 

Full Size: Pilot G2, Energel, Uniball Signo, Sharpie (with trimming)

Parker: Any Standard Parker Size Refill

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