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Early Q3D Click Pen - 1 of 3

Early Q3D Click Pen - 1 of 3

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This pen was one of the very first that I made. I was investigating non-bolt action mechs and wanted to make something utilizing the Tuff Writer click mech. The end result was this simple but clean click pen.


I only ever made 3 of these. One was purchased by the pen collector who started the r/machinedpens subreddit, one was a gift to my father, and the last is this one. 


This one has been customized with a dark blast finish, a machined clip, and the very first "C" style tip that has now evolved into the "Disco" milling pattern. Its not a new pen, its been carried and loved, but its a neat piece of Q3D history and still a fine writing instrument. 

I've since moved on past the Tuff Writer mech, having evolved my skills into making my own click mechanisms, first a side click with the Swiftclick and now I'm in the early stages of prototyping my own more traditional click style mech making a pen of this config "outdated" from my product line standpoint. As such, these will never make a return. Here's your chance to own the last one, and be a part of my beginnings. 

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