Materials Update, Site Refresh, and More!

Hey everyone! 

I created another reddit/r/DIY post about a damascus and desert ironwood burl ring. You can find the post here. Thanks everyone for all the comments and upvotes! I'm planning another build, but I'll be traveling a lot here shortly, so it may be awhile. 

You may have noticed I've redone the navigation on the site. I changed the way I categorized my rings so hopefully it's now even easier to find a style you're after. This also allows me to easily add whole collections and give them their own little spotlight. 

As for materials, I've recently ordered a bunch of awesome new stuff to use. Opal, abalone, trustone, and some exotic woods are inbound! I've also got some ceramic ring blanks coming which should allow me to make some awesome styles at some very customer friendly pricing!

If there's a style you want to see, or any materials you think I should try, feel free to drop me a line!




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